Making It Home: My year as a middle-aged runaway - Liz Moore

Making It Home: My year as a middle-aged runaway

By Liz Moore

  • Release Date: 2014-05-26
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure


Have you ever wanted to “run away” for a while? Where would you go? How would you live life differently? In the year she turned 50, Liz Moore acted on a long-time daydream. She loaded up her car and left home for a year. Her goal was to randomly find a nice town far away, move in, get a job, and live life without a plan and away from all things familiar. After a month to two months, it would be time to leave for the next town and a new set of adventures, until she had completed a tour of America. She had not imagined where the roads would lead: to work “in security” at the lip of the Grand Canyon, and fun in the concrete canyons of New York, to sharing a house with a globe-trotting professor, to over-coming chaos in a New England waitressing job. “Making it home” refers to making each town home for the time she was there. “Making it home” also means rushing home to deal with crises, including a devastating betrayal and family tragedy.