One unbounded ocean of consciousness - Dr. Tony Nader

One unbounded ocean of consciousness

By Dr. Tony Nader

  • Release Date: 2021-04-01
  • Genre: Spirituality
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World renowned leader at the core of the Maharishi Foundations, a Harvard graduate neuroscientist, renowned Vedic scholar and world reference in Transcendental Meditation, Dr.Tony Nader formulates in this book a series of fundamental existential questions (what is our purpose in life, do we have true control over our destinies?) and, through the study of Consciousness, brings us answers with practical benefits that aim to give us enlightenment, peace and fulfillment.

«In this landmark book, Dr. Tony Nader presents ideas that can change the world. He proposes profound solutions to questions that have long fascinated and intrigued philosophers and scientists. What is Consciousness, do we have freedom? How to get the best out of life, fulfill wishes and create peace and harmony among peoples and nations? He offers these solutions, based on a simple underlying paradigm, that unifies mind, body, and environment into an ocean of pure Being, Pure Consciousness. A must read for any seeker of answers to the mysteries of life, the absolute and ultimate truth».
David Lynch

«I want everyone to know what Consciousness is and how to develop it to enjoy the full potential of individual and social life».
Dr. Tony Nader

Is there some hidden purpose in life, a secret design, a meaningful logic, a goal to be achieved? Where do we come from and where do we go after we leave? Why should we be fighting? Can we choose? Are we free or slaves of destiny, of the laws of nature or of God?

As sentient beings who wish to take control of their lives, these questions are fundamental, and everyone ends up making assumptions or strongly subscribing to beliefs about many of them. Those convictions become our underlying "cosmovision" that influences everything we do.

I turned to the study of medicine, psychiatry, and neurology to understand why, although we are so similar, we can be so different in our opinions, mentality, and points of view. But the answers to my fundamental questions were too complex and abstract for scientific investigation. It was Transcendental Meditation TM that allowed me to explore them through direct experience, rather than analysis and deduction.

This book is dedicated to all seekers of knowledge, scientists, philosophers, teachers, wise leaders, and guides who investigate the secrets of how nature works and the effort to improve life on Earth.


  • Brilliant and illuminating

    By AJ 108
    An enlightening exposition of timeless wisdom, unraveling the deepest mysteries of life in a straightforward and comprehensive way. Dr. Nader combines his scientific knowledge with profound insight into ultimate spiritual experience — opening a path to true happiness, lasting fulfillment, and the peaceful, prosperous world we all seek.
  • An Amazing Book. Enjoyable and pertinent!

    By Anmlprht
    Finally, a book that has practical answers to questions that are asked most often in life. This book is a “must read”, as it answers the need of the times and offers a practical solution to our current difficulties.
  • Spectacular

    By NothingnessMeansSomething
    Very clearly written, describes a new and fascinating way of understanding Consciousness and life’s full potential. It’s also eminently practical. Dr. Nader is a genius !
  • Beautiful connection between the ancient science of consciousness and modern science

    By InnerSpaceRalph
    Having grown up in a family of scientists and studied physics myself, and later went on to study the science of consciousness, I find Dr. Nader’s examples, explanations and illustrations bring a smooth connection between current ideas of how the mind works and what is thought of as consciousness versus the more comprehensive and complete understanding of consciousness from ancient times.
  • Turning the Mind (Effortlessly)

    By Slairy2
    Darwin would turn over in his grave to realize that human evolution’s secret ingredient is turning the mind back onto itself. ‘Ocean of Consciousness’ traces the evolutionary path from singularity of the Big Bang to infinite expansion realized in human awareness. And offers a timely way to not only avert dangers but to also shore up our current challenges in a way that nourishes all of humanity.
  • One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness

    By Haratyun
    I have read two chapters and find Dr Nader’s logic compelling. Looking forward to reading the remaining chapters.
  • Consciousness Complete

    By Sage108
    From growing up in war-torn Lebanon, becoming a neuroscientist and physician, to his decades working closely with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr. Nader draws upon his evolution of experience, keen intellect, and emotional sincerity to unveil the nature of Consciousness and its workings in daly life and cosmic reality. I don’t think a more complete book (other than the original Vedic literature) on the fundamentalityof consciousness exists. And this one is accessible to all, addressing it from both the levels of understanding and experience. An enjoyable, stimulating, provoking and inspiring read.
  • Great read!

    By drRotcaf
    This book is profoundly enjoyable engrossing reading for me. It exceeded my expectations which were quite high. What I think sets it apart is how it brings an experience of totality by weaving together the history of human thought and investigation with the personal journey we each are taking in our own thoughts and investigation of life. It connects. It speaks to how enlightenment does not come from outside, from anyone else. It is all self-referral. This is how the book, which is so academically sound, becomes non-academic and personal. It stands unique in that regard and has already become a great companion my own journey of self-discovery.
  • Thank you , Dr. Nader !

    By Andrew Davies_
    Dr Tony Nader is one of the most brilliant minds of our time. Reading his takes on consciousness is a blessing that I am eternally grateful for. If you have time to read just one book, this is it! “One unbounded ocean of consciousness” is a spectacular achievement that you will not be able to put down. Thank you Dr. Nader!
  • Your book is a beautiful gift

    By Dicksyatt
    While I have enjoyed Maharishi’s knowledge for 25+ years, I love that your speaking in today’s terms and very relatable. Wonderful reading and knowledge. Jai Guru Dev