Tell Me I'm Safe - Kelly Utt

Tell Me I'm Safe

By Kelly Utt

  • Release Date: 2019-12-12
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 60 Ratings)


George Hartmann is enjoying idyllic family life until his past life from Ancient Greece returns to haunt him. He doesn't remember the past life or the threat. Unfortunately, bad guys are coming after him anyway.
When a violent break-in leaves his young sons in peril, George must act fast -- before it's too late.
Was the past life real? Can he figure out what happened back then and how it connects to present-day circumstances? And how will he ever keep his loved ones safe? 
Tell Me I'm Safe is the first book in the Ithaca Falls series and the introduction to an ongoing family saga. It was originally published as Ithaca’s Soldier in the George Hartmann Series.

About the Ithaca Falls Series:
The Ithaca Falls series chronicles the Hartmann and Davies families across time and space. This life-affirming story, anchored by the deep affection between George and Alessandra, reveals how the connections we share can ground us during even the most difficult times as we endeavor to learn what we're made of.
Join the family you'll feel like you already know as, together, they explore the meaning of life beyond what lies on the surface and fight to keep each other safe. 
Fans who enjoy both suspense and sentimentality will devour this pulse-pounding, sexy drama set against the backdrop of fictional modern-day Ithaca Falls, New York and featuring vivid memories of Ancient Ithaki, Greece.
Buy Tell Me I'm Safe today for an emotional page turner that will keep you guessing.

Praise for Tell Me I'm Safe:
★★★★★ "Astonishing! There can’t be enough said about this novel. This engaging tale stays with you long after the final line is read."

★★★★★ "I couldn’t put it down! Honestly! At one point I was standing in the dining room, knew I should go to bed, but stood there reading just one more chapter ... standing up."
★★★★★ "A one-night read for me. Started the book early and finished as the sun was coming up, so one might say my attention was captured quickly and I couldn’t put it down. Thought provoking even after I finished the book. Not your standard romance or mystery. Surprises emerge!"
★★★★★ "Those who enjoy Alex Cross’s wonderful family and close friends in James Patterson’s series will recognize similar dynamics here. The family and friends portrayed in Tell Me I'm Safe are the best. Their emotions are genuine, their affection and loyalty absolute. Already I care about them, admire the trust they have for one another, and can’t wait to see how they support each other in the books to follow."

★★★★★ "From the first page I was totally drawn in to this powerful story of family love and adoration of four generations. Then the incident of sheer terror scared me to death! By the end, I was streaming tears! So many emotions in a realistic setting."
★★★★★ "Fascinating book, engaging characters, realistic dialogue, true suspense. I’m so glad this is the first in a series, because I want there to be more."
★★★★★ "Wonderful read. I loved it. It's different from anything else I’ve read. So many twists and turns."