Computer Programming - Ryan Turner

Computer Programming

By Ryan Turner

  • Release Date: 2020-04-13
  • Genre: Programming


Are you a newcomer to computer programming and baffled by the range of options before you?
Are you finding it hard to decide which one is best for your particular needs?
If so, this book provides an innovative solution! 
Computer programming is big business. As more and more people are getting online and more companies strive to develop programming languages, for the novice it can seem like an impossible choice when faced with the array of alternatives. 
So how do you choose the right one for you? 
This book, Computer Programming for Beginners contains 4 fantastic books in one handy bundle and includes Python Programming, SQL, Arduino, and C#. Each book provides an in-depth look at a different computer language and include chapters that cover: 
Avoid confusion and get started quickly with Python The easiest ways to learn functions, sequences and loops Making the creation of an SQL view simple The 6 main advantages of Arduino you probably never knew Why you should choose C# and how it could change the way you program forever The C# methods you never knew existed And much moreā€¦ For anyone who is starting out on a computer programming journey, there will always be a time when a choice will have to be made. With Computer Programming for Beginners you have the advantage of looking at 4 of the most popular methods and seeing which one will work best for you. 
With it you will have all the knowledge in front of you, to make an informed decision and get started with your computer programming journey as soon as possible.
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