Uncle John's Facts to Go Bathroom Lore - Bathroom Readers' Institute

Uncle John's Facts to Go Bathroom Lore

By Bathroom Readers' Institute

  • Release Date: 2014-06-01
  • Genre: Humor


Uncle John’s favorite room finally gets its own book!

Some of the best bathroom reading we’ve ever squeezed out has been about the bathroom itself. And in this e-book, the hallowed throne gets its moment in the spotlight! Starting from prehistoric times, you’ll learn the vital role that pee and poo have played in the course of human events. You’ll also visit Uncle John’s “Stall of Shame” and look at some of the cool (and bizarre) gadgets so you can spruce up your own throne room! Plus you’ll get a hefty helping of bathroom quotes, graffiti, tips, and jokes! So flush away your troubles as you read about…


• That ’70s Bathroom
• How to “go” abroad, on the Moon, and in ancient Rome
• World leaders who perfected the fine art of “toilet diplomacy”
• Mahatma Gandhi—saving the world, one bathroom at a time
• Bathroom games (for when you don’t feel like reading)
• 11 movies that Tom Hanks peed in
• Lucky Finds—the privy edition
• One story—more than 20 bathroom puns. Can Uncle John do it?

Pick up a copy of Bathroom Lore to find out!