Uncle John's Facts to Go Life is Strange - Bathroom Readers' Institute

Uncle John's Facts to Go Life is Strange

By Bathroom Readers' Institute

  • Release Date: 2014-02-15
  • Genre: Humor


An e-book this bizarre could only come from the warped minds at the Bathroom Readers’ Institute!

Uncle John donned his snorkel, dove head-first into the bottomless Bathroom Reader archives, and emerged with this one-of-a-kind e-book: Life Is Strange. Readers will be both delighted and dumbfounded as they scroll through the most peculiar articles that have ever graced our pages. And just make it even weirder, we’ve added several all-new tidbits to this strangest of brews. So we welcome you into a world of weird featuring…


• The harrowing tale of piggybacking planes
• The odd cult of The Big Lebowski
The Romance of Proctology and other strange-but-true book titles
• The world’s kookiest conspiracy theories (Example: “Smurfs are Commies.”)
• Christopher Walken speaks: weird events occur
• The strangest TV shows ever made
• How to cook a shrunken head
The Ethel Merman Disco Album, by Ethel Merman, who hated disco

And much, much more!