Digital Imaging Technician 4th Edition - Robert Trim

Digital Imaging Technician 4th Edition

By Robert Trim

  • Release Date: 2017-08-22
  • Genre: Digital Media


The DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) and sometimes Data Wrangler, is one of the fastest growing careers in digital media production. It’s all about asset management. More specifically, the job of properly handling the data from our new digital cinema cameras.

Unquestionably the most technically demanding and miss-understood job on-set. It requires a staggering amount of core knowledge about computers, digital cameras, their recording formats and how to prep the files from these cameras. To make matters worse, every month a new camera and some new flavor of recording or file format appears for you to learn.
Digital Imaging Technician: A Very Practical Guide to On-Set Asset Management of Digital Media is the first and premier book of it’s kind to specifically help the new data manager get a strong foothold in this career.

Written in a straight forward, hands-on format, you will get the best, latest real-world, battle hardened,  information from industry gurus. All the hard for find information about file formats, codecs, file wrappers, processing files for delivery to editorial, are explained in detail with an easy to follow, step-by-step training.

You will learn:
• About codecs and what differentiates them.
• Color space and color science. The glue that holds the digital world together.
• Workflows form production sets through post production.
• How to properly handle files from DSLR, RED, Arri, and other cameras.
• What hardware to buy and configuration options to create a digital file processing machine.
• What software to use (free and paid) when processing files. Covers Resolve,
Scratch, RED Cine-X, ShotPut and more.
• HDR and VR workflows explained.
• On-set etiquette and protocols for the DIT.
• Lots of resources, links and information found no where else.
• Access to 6 gigs of digital asset files used in the step-by-step training.
The information within this book takes you through the proper way to handle data safely, and in an industry standard manner. This is the book to get you started as a DIT.

This Third edition goes much deeper into LUTs, Color Spaces, ACES workflow, the Naked Workflow and HDR and VR workflows. This is a game changer for the DIT.

This book is for the student wanting to learn digital asset management, the current industry asset manager who would like to expand their skill sets, and that industry professional who is suddenly thrown into the position of handling digital assets but has only a faint idea of what those tasks are all about.

About the author: Robert Trim is an Assoc. Professor at Utah Valley University and a 25 year veteran in the production industry. With 11 Emmys and numerous regional and national advertising awards to his credit, Robert brings a unique view of the evolution from film to analog to full digital asset management. Robert guest lectures world wide on asset management.