Billboard Number One Hits 1955-2016 with Video Links - Bold Rain

Billboard Number One Hits 1955-2016 with Video Links

By Bold Rain

  • Release Date: 2016-05-08
  • Genre: Music


Which song was Billboard Hot 100 Number One Hit on January 1, 1993? ("Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You")
How many Billboard Number One Hits does Michael Jackson have? (17 Singles:12 + 4 as member of "The Jackson 5" + 1 in "Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson - Say, Say, Say". Or 18, if we include "USA for Africa - We Are the World".)
This book answers all of these questions.
"Billboard Number One Hits 1955-2016 With Youtube Links" presents the list of all 1051 songs that reached Billboard Hot 100 Chart #1 position, from its creation on August 4, 1958 to February 20, 2016. 36 Number One Songs from 1955 to 1958 (pre-Hot 100) are also presented. 
All 1087 songs come with direct links of Youtube music videos. Just 1-Click away to enjoy music! No more typing and searching are needed. It's convenient and organized for you.
This book has two smart views - By Year view and By Artist view. By Year view lists all the #1 singles by year. By Artist view groups the #1 singles by each artist. Every #1 Single comes with detailed information such as artist name, duration of #1 occupancy, view counts of Youtube music video (which measures the song's lasting popularity), and more.