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  • 10/10

    By CV010896999
    Honestly the best book that helps you understand certain feelings and behaviors. Guides you to accept that is okay to not be okay. I highly recommend this book!
  • Amazing

    By Kylesmind
    Needed this insight
  • Worth reading

    By Yessenia1220.
    I enjoyed the book. Its short it gets to the point of letting someone go and lastly it helped understanding my inner self.
  • It’s an opinion

    By Crisp5o7
    I liked the book the first few chapters and they really had me thinking personally. As I continued to read the book I felt like I was reading the same stories over and over again.
  • Love it.

    By kch95
    I love this book.
  • Rate & Review

    By Cc2000004455
    This book was amazing, it has some good incite & there’s chapters that are relatable. There are a couple of punctuation errors or flipped words, but it’s nothing that actually takes away from the point of the book. The art of letting go, is a book I’d suggest to anyone having a hard time letting go, or processing some difficult feelings. It doesn’t replace the help of a health professional (therapist, counselor, etc) but it does help you find new ways to apply helpful inner work & better coping habits. It’s basically a how to book, with some good advice, poems & quotes as well. Well worth the read, I’m glad it was free.
  • Powerful

    By Daniledford
    Loved it from beginning to end I will read this over and over
  • Insightful

    By Sanisui
    This was a good read in my opinion. It brought alot of things into perspective
  • The art of letting go

    By hiqwgdgdi
    Amazing! Just what I needed!
  • Loved it. Dead on.

    By Cinci76
    I have went through bad relationships and a divorce. I have always had trouble of letting go and loving myself. It what I needed to read.